25th July 2010

Another successful reunion was held on Sunday 25th July 2010, this time at Mile Oak Farm, and once again the sun shone.           On this occasion we had a barbeque, and the farm coffee shop was open for teas, soft drinks, cakes etc,

David Cross welcomed us all and even gave all a ride over the hills on his trailers fitted with bales of straw as seating, not the most comfortable but very enjoyable.

Michael Baker         Douglas Baker        Joyce Buckman        Pat Dineen            

Marion Ditton         Derek Fish             Jean Hawkins          Pat Kane

Michael Penfold      John Piner              Frank Piner             Trish Piner

Diane Piner            Peggy Schick           Diane Tomkins         Roy Whittington

David Grint           Steven Grint           Hazel Ford              Jackie Howell

Janet Carmichael           

Listed are those who attended on this occasion, people that we could not trace for the first reunion or who could not attend that reunion.  Many who attended the original reunion were also present but have not been included in this list, they are listed on a previous page.