Remember when Mile Oak was totally filled with Bren gun carriers, lorries, tanks etc all preparing for despatch in a few days to the D-Day landings........the garages behind Chrisdory Road were being used by the soldiers preparing food etc while they waited.  Scuff marks from the tracks of the tanks still show on some of the Kerb stones.

The bomber landing in the field behind the bottom of Stanley Avenue having missed the girls’ school and stopping short of the tall trees.  The plane was riddled with bullet holes and was returning from a sortie.  Many of us were taken to look at the was dismantled and loaded onto lorries.........

I remember..................

Memories abound, singing carols, joining in the fun on bonfire nights and dancing round the huge community bonfire in the paddocks...... these bonfires were often a horrendous size and gave out tremendous other times when it snowed it was fun to go up the Downs opposite the row of shops with our sledge and join all the other families risking all to slide down the steep slope towards the barbed wire fence.......this fence sometimes produced casualties.

I remember MORA  Do’s we used to have in the field at the bottom of Stanley Avenue and the wonderful socials in the hall of the Church of the Good Shepherd (the ‘tin hut’).  The church and the attached hall had fields behind which seemed to go on forever

Does anyone remember Father Christmas on Christmas Day??. He used to come round to the children to give them a present.  He had a horse and cart and was accompanied by his many helpers.  Mr Ward used to be Father Christmas and my Dad used to be a big Indian that helped him............

Do you recall Miss Corall pumping away at the church organ during Sunday School, and of course, there was Sister Holland dressed in her grey nuns’ clothing with the black veil.

Don’t forget the chalk pit opposite Chalky Lane.......talking about the Chalk Pit, do you remember the boys fitting a cable across and we used to slide over to the other side.  What about those large round drums open at both ends which we used to roll down in the pit.

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