I remember.........................

There was a  thatched cottage on the corner of Chrisdory Road. Mrs Painter lived in it.......... She owned an apple orchard on the opposite corner, with a huge silver birch tree overhanging Chrisdory and Mile Oak Road.  The 15b bus stopped by this tree and reversed back up Chrisdory Road. The bus parked outside Mrs Painters side gate and waited for all and sundry who wished to ride out of Mile Oak. The bus service ran every 20 minutes. Chris and Dorothy were the children of Mr and Mrs Painter, so presumably Chrisdory Road was named after them. Mrs Painter used to spend much of her time leaning on the gate watching the world go by and shouting at innocent children scrumping her apples.

Remember the little red bus - the number 9 - which was the only public transport in the 40’s. It ran from Porstlade Station to Mile Oak often dropping off people outside their front had been known for the driver to collect shopping in Portslade for some of the residents

My Mum took my brother and myself up to Mile Oak Farm where we used to stand at the gate and watched the cows come into the yard for milking, I can still remember the noise of the milking machines and the constant mooing of the cows.

The road dropping down the hill into Mile Oak was much narrower then and I remember the twinkling lights of Mile Oak as seen from the top of the bus

I used to live in a white cottage at the top of Chalky Lane.  It really was chalky then.  Chalky Lane was a rough rutted dirt track right up to the other side of the valley and  past the girls school (great to ride your bikes along) and on towards Broomfield’s farm.

I remember the small blue police box on the corner of Sefton Road and Stanley Avenue - the light on the top used to flash when the policeman was late checking in. Also in Stanley Avenue was a siren on a tall post (there was also one at the top of the hill) the siren used to sound once a week. They were presumably used during the war.

Sledging down the hill used to scare me as you went so fast. I can remember some of the boys ended up in the middle of Mile Oak Road - We had snow in those far off days.

What about Coombs the grocer, Gebbets the Post office, Figgins the Greengrocer, Mr Hart the Butcher who used  to deliver and if you gave him a cup of tea he would drink it from the saucer.

Further reminiscences