REUNION  27th and 28th JULY 2008

We have received an e-mail from Roger Karunaitis-Hudson who wishes us all a happy reunion on the 27th and 28th July. We understand he now lives in France.

Derek Fish has informed us that he cannot attend as he will be in France at the time. If his brother cannot attend he will forward photographs. He sends his regards to everyone who knew him.

Throughout this web site we have used the girls maiden names as that is the name most will be remembered by.

Lynne Abbott who now lives in Idaho  regrets that due to family commitments she will be unable to attend.

Mary Cross now lives in Western Australia and was home at the farm in May. She would love to attend but regrets that she cannot so soon after her last visit. She wishes to be remembered, trusts that we have a fantastic weekend, and should anyone wish to get in touch please contact us for her e-mail address.

Clive Barnett and his wife Jane would love to join us but they now live in Margaret River, Western Australia.  Clive has problems with his back and cannot contemplate long journeys.

Published in the Evening Argus 4th July 2008

Marian Ditton who originally said she would come to the reunion was unfortunate when returning from holiday, she managed to break her ankle at the airport and for the present has to sit with her leg up and in plaster.

Reunion Attendance